The Book of Tobit Set




I painted these characters from the Book of Tobit as a special order.  You can have your own set to bring this beautiful book of the Bible to life.   $44.00 for the set.



Specialty Items Price List

  1. Child sized Mass Kit                                      $29.99 for each Kit;                                                                                                                         with Tabernacle holder $39.99
  2. Hand-Painted Crucifixes                              $12.95 each
  3. Mini-Saints                                                      $5.95 each
  4. Knights of Virtue                                            $5.95 each
  5. Nativity Set                                                      $25.95 for each set
  6. Our Lady of Fatima Set                                 $29.95 for each set
  7. Peg Doll Mass set                                            $29.95 for each set
  8. The Presentation in the Temple Set           $49.95 for each set
  9. The Book of Tobit Set                                     $44.00 for each set

Mini-Saints & Knights of Virtue

Introducing Mini-Saints – any of the regular saints can be painted as a mini-saint.  Mini-Saints are about 2″ tall.  Each Mini- Saint is $5.95.

Also, available only as mini-Saints, are the Knights of Virtue.  Each knight is unique and has his own “virtue” written on the bottom of the peg doll.   Note:  the male mini-saints are slightly larger than the female at 2 3/8″ tall.