The 12 Apostles and Jesus Set



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Bring the Gospel to life with this unique set of the 12 apostles and Jesus  $130.00 for the set.  All apostles and Jesus are available individually as well.



Mini-Saints & Knights of Virtue

Introducing Mini-Saints – any of the regular saints can be painted as a mini-saint.  Mini-Saints are about 2″ tall.  Each Mini- Saint is $5.95.

Also, available only as mini-Saints, are the Knights of Virtue.  Each knight is unique and has his own “virtue” written on the bottom of the peg doll.   Note:  the male mini-saints are slightly larger than the female at 2 3/8″ tall.




Peg Doll Mass Set


This peg Doll Mass set includes a priest, altar server, tabernacle and stand, crucifix and stand, 5 chasubles – one in each liturgical color, an altar, chalice, paten, host, 2 Books- one open and one closed and a handy box for storage that can double as a confessional .  Each set is $29.95.